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League Criteria - Information

In order to join the Junior Premier League regional leagues, the minimum criteria are:

  1. Each team must have a coach qualified to a minimum of FA C Licence (Level 2) or YAM 2
  2. Every team must be affiliated with their respective County Football Association
  3. Every club must be England Accredited or working towards it
  4. Every club must have a development plan for working with their best players and must be able to provide this to the league committee
  5. Every club must fully commit to the League code of conduct
  6. Every club must commit to abiding by the League’s social media and brand guidelines
  7. Every club must have a venue suitable to host Junior Premier League matches (this will be checked for suitability)
  8. It is preferred that clubs have access to a 4G venue
  9. Each team applying to enter the Junior Premier League must understand that this is not a grassroots league and therefore their ability must be suitable for the league
  10. Each club applying to the Junior Premier League must commit to our minimum game times rules for all players selected for match day squads

In order to join our highest level JPL NPC divisions in addition to the above criteria you must also:

  1. Supply the club’s Youth Development plan.
    2. Must have teams for every age group from Under 13 to 16.
    3. Be prepared to host 2 matches at home and 2 away each week.
    4. Facilities must pass inspection and each club must have access to a 3G facility (that is on the FA
    register) as a backup for poor weather.
    5. The facilities being used must have good-quality changing rooms for both teams and match officials.
    6. Have technical areas, and these must be on the opposite side of the pitch from the supporter’s area.
    7. Have a  minimum of 2 coaches per team.
    8. Have a minimum of 1 Lead Coach qualified at UEFA B/YAM3 or higher within the club, with at least 1
    FA Level 2 Lead Coach per team on match days.
    9. Use JPL-approved match balls.
    10. Agree to have 1 admin person at the club responsible for organising games.
    11. Agree to use social media to engage with JPL /JPL One at each game.
    12. Agree to ensure that all team members and coaches are wearing the correct club apparel on
    arrival, during the match and post-match.